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my game I used the piano music from this pack. Check the game

Thank you for sharing your project. Nice game



hey im using this for a gam jam, do you just want itch profile credit or is there any other socials you want me to credit?


Hi, please credit as “Jakub Szajna”. Web adress "" is optionary and is up to you.

Let me know if you'd like to share your work, I'll be happy to check it. In case any more info, catch me on discord: Barrok#2672

I dont think the game is worthy of a share tbh, its only a small vertical slice of an idea i had for a weekend long game jam. Alot of things like gun crafting had to be cut from this version to meet the game jams deadline. But id still love for you to play it, its only a 5 minute experience and I love to get constructive criticism/feedback whenever I can! :) thank you for sharing your music its bring alot of atmosphere to the game!


Super spooky! Thanks for sharing!! c: